High School State Open #2, KY Lake, Perryville Marina – Oct. 19, 2019

Tennessee BASS Nation High School State Open #2, 2019-20 Season.

This tournament is open to all BASS Nation and TN BASS Nation member teams. This will be a high school and a junior tournament.

Of you do not want to register online send your roster to dlowrie@blomand.net and pay your entry fee at registration.

ALL JUNIOR TEAMS MUST REGISTER BY EMAILING your roster to Captain Jake Davis at sctnbassnation@gmail.com

There will be a MANDATORY Friday Meeting/Registration at:

Riverside High School,
4250 Hwy 641S

Decaturville, TN 38329
Friday, October 18, 2019 – 5:00pm to 7pm CENTRAL Time.


The meeting is Mandatory for all student fishermen and captains! If there is a special circumstance that a student or captain can’t attend the meeting the other members of that boat and the coach of the team are required to fully inform the person of all rules and information. There will be NO EXCUSES for not knowing all the tournament information and rules. Anyone who can’t attend the meeting MUST GET PERMISSION to miss the meeting from David Lowrie or Jake Davis.

Perryville Marina is the launch ramp we will be using this tournament for blast off and weigh in. You may launch from any ramp but blast off and weigh in will be at the Perryville Marina. The Riverside High School team will have burgers and hot dogs for sale for lunch and after the tournament

Perryville Marina,
108 Marina Village Rd,
Parsons, TN 38363


BE IN THE WATER BY 5:45am All times are CENTRAL TIME
Launch will be “Safe Light” approx. 6:10am CENTRAL TIME

Blast off will start on time whether you are in the water or not!

Mandatory Lunch Break 10:30am CENTRAL TIME. Everyone will stop fishing and take a 15-minute break. First flight will be due back at 2:00pm. Flights will be based on 25 boats and staggered every 15 minutes.

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