Tennessee BASS Nation High School

Tennessee BASS Nation High School/Junior Divisions Tournament Rules

For Dale Hollow Lake, Sunset Marina, Byrdstown TN

Mandatory Meeting is Team Coaches or their designated Representative

 (No Individual Boat Teams)

5:00pm at the Sunset Marina on Friday 29 Oct 2021

Sunset Marina has made arrangements for food on site for both Friday and Saturday.

All times will be local time to the ramp we launch from…

Launch will be “Safe Light” or “Safe Conditions” approx. 6:30 Central

I will call numbers whether or not you are in the water!

All Junior Boats First Flight will be due back in at 2:00pm

First High School flight will be due back at 3:00pm

Both Dams are Off Limits (See Facebook post for exact details)

No Locking up or down at any Tournament

Five Fish any combination

Largemouth 15 inches

Smallmouth 2 Per Day/per Angler, 1 under 16inches and 1 Over 21 inches.

Kentucky/Spotted Bass 12

Anglers MUST use the TBN Weigh In bags that we provide.

All Coaches/School Advisors: If you are paying by check please email all team rosters fishing this event to the David Lowrie at Dlowrie@benlomand.net and to Jake at sctnbassnation@gmail.com

All rosters or on-line registrations are due not later than 1pm Central on Thursday, 28 October 2021. Entries need to be paid at registration or the morning of the tournament.

On-line registration:

High School Division – www.tnhsbasstrail.com

Junior Division – www.sctnbassnation.com

All entries on-line or rosters MUST include anglers BASS Membership Numbers

Boat numbers will be assigned by random draw and posted Thursday evening

** COVID Procedures:  Use commonsense, Tents will be allowed in designated area, early weigh in only if you must. Please don’t gather in large groups.

Life Vest/Person Flotation Devices (Type III) must be worn by all individuals on board anytime the main motor is in use, ALL Buckles buckled, and all zippers zipped all the way up **Tennessee State Law require all individuals 12 years of age and younger to wear a PFD at all times while on the deck of a vessel.

  1. You must maintain 50 yards away from another competitor, unless you invite the competitor in…once you invite a competitor in all are invited.
  2. NO Hole sitting (You may NOT have anyone sit/hold/block and area)
  3. Alabama/Tennessee rigs are authorized, must meet TWRA Regulations or Alabama Regulations if in Alabama Waters.
  4. All Boat Captains and Anglers must have read and understand the general tournament rules posted by BASS for High School and Junior Tournaments.
  5. At NO TIME in either Junior or High School boats will a Boat Captain fish…period! High School Captains shall never touch any rod, reel, line or bait during tournament hours.
  6. A Boat Captain can “Coach” anglers while on the water…Captains MAY NOT demonstrate…verbal coaching only. Boat captains can coach but will never touch or handle any fishing rod, lures or line during competition hours. Including lunch break. Captains can net if a single angler is in boat.
  7. Trolling Motor Operation – Manually or by REMOTE, In the interest of Safety…High School Teams: A boat Captain may operate the trolling motor to “Make Safe” the anglers and vessel, this is the only time a High School Captain should be operating the trolling motor.

** JUNIOR Boat Captains** if the anglers are not familiar with operating the trolling motor, you MAY operate the trolling motor…BUT PLEASE teach them, once anglers move up to High School level they MUST operate the trolling motor. High School Captain shall NOT operate the trolling motor, unless it’s to make safe the anglers or vessel.

  1. Junior Boat Captains- Boat Captain may assist/instruct with tying lures, measuring a catch, clearing backlashes (reel must be detached from rod) and may net fish (the effected angler must be observing the boat captain and not fishing while you teach him/her…again, it is expected that you teach your anglers as once they reach the next level they must be able to do these actions themselves).
  2. ALL, it is the ANGLERS responsibility to ensure length limits of all fish and number of fish in the livewells. Anglers MUST cull immediately upon catching the 6th fish…no more than 5 fish are to be in the livewell at any given time.
  3. Anglers will present the days catch to the scales. The catch may/will be checked as needed by the weigh master. Bass presented for weigh-in, which fail to measure the official length, shall result in a penalty of 1 pound for each such bass, which penalty shall be deducted from the total score of the competitor. Short fish will not be weighed. Dead fish penalty is .25 pounds.
  4. Anglers are not authorized to use electronic communication devices (cell phone, for example) unless emergencies arise. No phone fishing
  5. Boat Captains may and are encouraged to video and/or take pictures during the competition hours and post them to Facebook or send them to the tournament directors for use on Facebook.
  6. All Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency rules must be adhered to at all times. It is the Anglers responsibility to be familiar with and understand TWRA Regulations. If you have a question, contact the tournament Director. A ticket during tournament hours from TWRA/USCG/TVA is a automatic Disqualification for the tournament day.
  7. All Boat Captains and Anglers must have read and understand the general tournament rules posted by BASS (can be found at Bassmaster.com high school) for High School and Junior Tournaments.
  8. All Protest or complaints shall be filed either prior to the start of the weigh in or immediately following the weigh in…once we start issuing scholarships it’s over. Period!
  9. Failure to report a rules violation to the tournament director SHALL result in both the offending team and the team who fails to report said violation to be disqualified, points removed for that event or complete suspension for the remainder of the tournament season. In other words, if you fail to report the day of the tournament, but later report a violation or complain that you saw a violation…this rule will be enforced.

These tournaments are meant to be a teaching, learning and enjoyable experience. It is the responsibility of all Coaches, School Advisors, Boat Captains and Tournament Officials to teach and ensure good sportsmanship and prepare our anglers for the next level of life and tournament competition. If you have questions, please contact the Asst State Director Capt Jake Davis at 615.613.2382 or via email at sctnbassnation@gmail.com or the State Director David Lowrie at 931-235-6216

TN B.A.S.S. High School Boat Captain Rules

Captains may only fall in the following criteria:

Official faculty member of the student’s institution

Close family friend/State Nation member

Parent of the student’s High School B.A.S.S. Club

*If a potential Captain is a local guide, then they will be ineligible for the tournament.

TN B.A.S.S. reserves the right to deny any Boat Captain.

During Competition Boat Captains MAY:


Give advice (send in plays)

Verbally explain techniques, how to…….


High School Boat Captains MAY NOT:


Teach by example

Tie knots

Land fish with or without a net

Run the trolling motor

During Competition, anytime the combustion engine is running, Boat Captains MUST be seated in the driver’s seat in full control of the boat with kill lanyard attached.  Never operate the combustion engine with an angler standing on the cast deck.

Capt Jake Davis


TBN Conservation Director





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